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Regulatory Reporting Accelerator digital journey

Our Value Proposition
VERMEG will accelerate your digital transformation, alleviating legacy system constraints, and unleashing value.

Current challenges

Today, the path for granting consumer finance as it exists reveals the following shortcomings :
Disconnected customer and partner experience (distribution network).
High drop-out rate (of the credit application).
Heavy and complex process for the definition of new products.
Unreliable scoring.
Significant risk for fraud.

Our proposal

To provide a more accurate regulatory responses and a superior user experience, we offer a seamless, collaborative and standardized tool that brings agility to legacy environments and improves speed and accuracy. That tool is called Regulatory Reporting Accelerator.

Regulatory Reporting Accelerator delivers:

  • A single comprehensive and intuitive user interface to visualize and manage source data at any stage of the regulatory reporting process
  • Efficiency – by providing control of regulatory data to business users, the processes and administrative burden of managing data is simplified and reduced
  • Time savings and risk reduction through increased automation and standardization
  • Data lineage benefits
  • Business User Empowerment
  • Assistance in BCBS 239 Compliance

The Regulatory Reporting Accelerator can be easily integrated with any ETL tool. It can read, write and update data from any JPA (Java Persistence API) compliant database.

It was built using VERMEG’s Palmyra Platform.  The data structure of your existing tables is taken as input (SQL creation script). The Regulatory Reporting Accelerator automatically generates the data model (UML including the mapping), and the screens. It provides multiple features such as 4-eye validation, security management and audit trail by default.

VERMEG Digital accelerators introducing

Palmyra, our digital transformation platform, is based on
an open architecture, seamlessly integrating with your existing IS.

It offers a business and technical abstraction layer to connect your legacy to an open digital world.

Palmyra enables rapid delivery of a digital Journey adapted to your needs, integrated into your legacy environment and future proofed.

Key benefits

Immediate approval (reduction from days to a few minutes).
Increased conversion rate.
Significant reduction in operating costs.
Improved risk management (scoring quality, fraud prevention, etc.).
Up-selling made easier thanks to your customer data.

Our approach

Involve all stakeholders (Finance, Risk, Businesses and IT)
Deliver digital content and journeys rapidly into production providing immediate business impact
Prove our expertise and agility through a 2-3-week pilot project, while clarifying and finalizing your needs
Accelerate Time to Value

They trust us