Cipav chooses Vermeg’s Soliam©solution for its new integrated financial investment management and control platform

Cipav chooses Vermeg’s Soliam©solution for its new integrated financial investment management and control platform

2020-10-06 - Paris

As part of the modernization of its IT systems and the continuous improvement of its organization and internal processes, Cipav has – following a call for tenders – chosen the Soliam© software package developed by Vermeg as the internal and transactional management solution across the whole value chain of its financial investments.

There are several reasons why Cipav was looking for a management solution: firstly, to improve the transaction logging processes between the different teams of Cipav, ranging from the finance department to the accounting agency, from internal partners to external service providers; secondly, to further develop the portfolio analysis criteria based on the aspects connected with both performance and risks. All those requirements need to be managed on a single adaptable and hosted platform.

The Soliam© software meets all those requirements with its integrated front-to-back and SaaS solution, while at the same time offering additional features for analysis and monitoring of Cipav’s investments.

“In three years, Cipav transformed itself and took up the challenge of restoring the quality of its services to independent professionals.Choosing Vermeg and its Soliam© solution marks the continuation of this transformation process and will allow us to gain in relevance, efficiency and safety in our investment strategy, always in the interest of the members who have entrusted us with their pension contributions,”explains Olivier Selmati, CEO of Cipav.

“We are proud that Cipav has chosen Soliam© as reference software platform to modernize its entire financial portfolio management system.This project capitalizes on Vermeg’s expertise in asset management and the specific features of public institutions, and in the technological innovation of our solutions,” says Pascal Leroy, CEO of Vermeg.


Cipav, interprofessional fund for independent professionals, is a private-law body with a public service mission. It has official powers as a public authority and acts under State supervision. Cipav is entrusted with the management of compulsory (basic and supplementary) pension and insurance schemes. The CNAVPL (National Pension Insurance Fund for Independent Professionals) also delegates to Cipav the administration of the basic pension scheme, the rules of which are the same for all categories of independent professionals (pension funds for physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, etc.).



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