VERMEG Digital Meet Up 02/27/2020 | How to boost your digital transformation?

VERMEG Digital Meet Up 02/27/2020 | How to boost your digital transformation?


VERMEG is pleased to invite you to the second edition of the morning VERMEG Digital Meet Up on the 27th of February 2020 in front of the Eiffel Tower to accelerate your digital transformation.


You will hear insights from consulting companies (OCTO, part of Accenture Digital, Oliver Wyman), and the testimonials of leading financial institutions (BNP Paribas, Caisse des Dépô ts, CNP Assurances, Crédit Agricole, La Parisienne Assurances) and innovative start-ups (Alan…).

New needs have arose and digital technology is used in new innovative ways. The digital lifestyle of customers has forever changed the way financial institutions, banks and insurance companies understand and interact with them, resulting in new service offerings. Great changes are already underway, but the changes looming from 2020 to 2025 will be unprecedented. Yesterday, the projects were carried out based on automating known processes. Today it comes down to exploring new ways in dealing with ongoing change and uncertain environments.

To meet the challenges of digital transformation, bankers and insurers must orchestrate many projects : invent new digital services by focusing on design thinking and agile methods, rethink their relationship model with their customers, exploit the wealth of data, the power of the cloud, artificial intelligence and automation. Each of these trends would be a major challenge. Together, they represent a huge challenge !

On 27th of February 2020, during our annual conference, we will review all major trends. Do not miss the opportunity to exchange opinions with your peers and boost your digital transformation in 2020.